October 2014 Blog

Before my Zero I was surviving in the rat race.  And in some areas I was winning.  My conscious self-did what I thought was necessary to create a quality of life for me and my family. Deep down in my well hidden core, I knew I was supposed to do and be something greater, but could not see what it was or what it involved.

The moment I lost control (literally and figuratively) was when I realized that I was speeding through the routine of life and missing the moments that mattered the most.  My vision became clear, my heart opened up, my faith increased, and as a result my purpose and passion collided.

Today, as I sort through and clear the wreckage of where life has taken me, I can now see the road ahead.  No longer at zero, but able to move full speed ahead into my destiny!  Welcome to Zero 2 A Hundred!